Blogging or Vlogging?

Last night I told you about our fantastic new Canon SX100 IS Digital Camera and this morning I could just not wait to carry on trying out its features. As soon as my two little ones were awake – very unusually they woke up together at 7:30 and Hana did not awake at 6 like most mornings, this is already something to be happy about! So I could not resist myself but making a short video of Hana and Dana having a little morning chat together.

Baby Dana, the happy little kitten

Baby Dana, the happy little kitten

My great friend, Andrew who is a nice English guy, very consolidate, and polite but always up for having fun, well, he gave me some hints when I was planning to open this blog. Thank you for that, Andrew! Just yesterday, he posted me this link, warning me not to turn my blog into a vlog, inserting too many videos into it. Well, I do not plan at all to follow this path, however, ever now and then I will post videos to share the beautiful moments of our happy life here in Hungary, with you guys!


Our new, sexy Canon SX100 IS digital camera

Today is a great day, as replacing the old camera of my father, we used so far and of course it broke when we’ve been using it, we’ve bought a new one. Our old camera was a HP Photosmart R707 digital camera, that my father got for his 50th birthday. It was a rather good camera 5 years ago, but trends are very different now. The price of this old camera at that time was twice as much as the new, Canon SX100 IS digital camera we have now, though it was a real bargain, purchasing the last one for half price. It is available in black, but we went for the sexier silver one and it is just beautiful!

Image of Canon SX100 IS Digital Camera in Silver

Image of Canon SX100 IS Digital Camera in Silver

I did not have time between feeding baby Dana and begging Hana to eat someting, but I did try a few features alredy and it is so much easier to use it, than the old camera. I also went for the YouTube solution, where I found a number of videos about the camera, including reviews, so I will check them out later. Especially, that the user manual itself is over 200 pages!

This is the first photo I took of Hana, I think it is cute. Dana was already asleep, but I will take some more shots tomorrow and upload them. Of course I will also post videos later on.

Hana watching Pingo on Laptop just before going to bed

Hana watching Pingu on Laptop just before going to bed

One little touch and your whole life changes

Being a mother is definitely the greatest profession in the world. The moment the little thing struggles to this world and you first look into her eyes….well that is a wonderful moment of your life. Thanks to God I already experienced this moment twice in my life. My older daughter, Hana is 3 years old now, and my little one, Dana is 2 and half months old. Now, that I am a mother, I am a full personality, my life is round and the world goes just right. Having children means that you really are responsible for your own life, and above it for the others’ too. There are wonderful moments you could never experience before. When they first smile at you or start their baby talk, it is just beautiful and your heart melts every time. Well, I already had some of these great moments and I just thought to open this blog to share these exceptional moments of my life with You. It may be strange that a Hungarian girl starts a blog in English, but I have more than one good reason for it.

– Firstly: I just love the language and hope I can produce enjoyable enough notes for my visitors to come back

– Secondly: I married a Jordan guy, whose family is all over the world and this way they may also be part of our every-days – hope you will enjoy them guys!!

– Thirdly: I really trust that my two beautiful girls will speak excellent English when they are grown and it will be a pleasure for them to read about their childhood days – hope I will be persistent enough to carry on this blog for several years from now on

– Fourthly: with a bit of experience that these 3 years earned me, I hope to be able to advice other mummies or ask for advice from them if I need it – Internet is a great forum and we just have to grab the opportunity girls, to join our strengths!

Please don’t be to hard on me, as I am just learning to create a site on my own, so it may not be professional in the beginning, but I will do my best! I also hope that I will not make to many grammar or spelling mistakes to frighten You away!!:) Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon. I will be glad to receive any comments be positive or negative, as I would like to learn from your opinions! Hope to hear from you soon. Eniko