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Blogging or Vlogging?

Last night I told you about our fantastic new Canon SX100 IS Digital Camera and this morning I could just not wait to carry on trying out its features. As soon as my two little ones were awake – very unusually they woke up together at 7:30 and Hana did not awake at 6 like most mornings, this is already something to be happy about! So I could not resist myself but making a short video of Hana and Dana having a little morning chat together.

Baby Dana, the happy little kitten

Baby Dana, the happy little kitten

My great friend, Andrew who is a nice English guy, very consolidate, and polite but always up for having fun, well, he gave me some hints when I was planning to open this blog. Thank you for that, Andrew! Just yesterday, he posted me this link, warning me not to turn my blog into a vlog, inserting too many videos into it. Well, I do not plan at all to follow this path, however, ever now and then I will post videos to share the beautiful moments of our happy life here in Hungary, with you guys!

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