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Children’s Day 2009

In Hungary May has two celebrities: the fist Sunday of the month is for the mothers, not like in England, where it was celebrated on 22nd March this year or the US where it was 10th May in 2009. And the last Sunday of May is Children’s Day every year.  This year we took the opportunity with our neighbours to celebrate our own kids and a few mothers undertook the responsibility of organizing a little afternoon gathering for our 20 little angels in devils’ costumes.

Saturday , 30th May, was the day for the celebration. Thanks God, my friend, Ancsa came around to see us and she helped to blew a large number of balloons we could later on use to decorate the playground in the garden, where the party was held. Hana was very excited about the whole party and of course enjoyed the great balloon-blewing morning:) Probably she was the only one enjoying it. I just can’t image why they produce unblowable balloons???

We also organized some little games for the kids, but most of the time they were just running around and chatting about. They are so cute, ranging from 0 to 4 in age, many of them just starting to walk, most of them not talking at all and some of them, like my Hana, just can not control herself when surrounded by her friends and talking continuously.

Huray, here is my best friend, Botond!

Huray, here is my best friend, Botond!

The most popular venue of the party was the tent-site, where we installed a number of childrens’ tents and they could just crawl and hide and run-around chasing each other. Some of the smaller kids were fishing with the magnetic fishing rods on the trambulin that replaced the water pool, due to the miserable weather we hade to survive in.

Most of our little angels made their painted hand prints with Hajni or a plasticined hand print with Izabella remembering this first Children’s Day of the house.

We also packed each little one a bag filled with small presents and they were so excited getting them and of course the number one gift proved to be the bubble pipe for all of them.

At around 7 pm it started to be so chilly that I had to dress Hana in winter coat so we just thought it would be wiser to call of the party but agreed on organizing a number of parties during the summer as it was not only a great time for the kids but for the parents as well. I am up for it and so is Hana!

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