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The sweetest laughter

We all know the feeling when we hear a laughter and we can not resist ourselves from laughing. Well, I experienced this lately but it was very much surprising for me that Dana made me laugh. It is unbelievable, that although she is just 3 and half months old, she is so communicative.

Baby Dana with her two best friends, Cow and Sheep

Baby Dana with her two best friends, Cow and Sheep

She is always up to some fun, she is a lovely, happy little duckling. So fond of her sister, Hana and thanks God, Hana loves her so deeply too. They are just great sisters to each other.

It’s been quite depressing the last couple of days, raining all day since Saturday and it was also quite chilly. Due to the bad weather we couldn’t go out and Dana suffered from it. She can not really sleep inside in the afternoons so she really misses the afternoon walks. Sunday it was alike, she was awake since 4 pm and after passing out into a half-an-hour sleep at 7 pm, she was wide awake afterwards. We were all together in the bedroom when Hana started to fool about, made faces and started to laugh. I just couldn’t believe my ears when this little monkey, who was hanging on my shoulders, started to giggle so laudly and clearly… I couldn’t control myself, I started to laugh as well, it was an overwhelming moment, when you forget about all your troubles. Then you understand, that it is really worth to be living. And of course my babies are my life. They are the most important to me in life.

Hana and Dana and their proud Daddy

Hana and Dana embraced by their proud Daddy

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