The first taste of peach

Today baby Dana had her first taste of peach. This is the very first time, she had anything else then breastmilk, or water that she already had a few times before.

In the morning, we prepared some peach for Hana, as she got so much constipated yesterday, that she cried for 10 minutes on the loo, but could not produce anything. At the end she only succeeded in it, when I put a piece of suppository in her rectum. So we agreed with her, that in order to make an easy way of production, she will have to have some peach every day. Well, easier said then done… Though she loves to grate the peach into liquid, but from that moment it is over. She did not want to eat it, so, sorry to say this, but I had to terrorize her a little bit so that she would eat it all. At the end it worked with some little tricks and thanks God, she had an easy delivery in the afternoon. Now she knows it, that it helps and she said, she would eat peach again tomorrow. Well, I am very much waiting for it…

The main point of this whole peach-eating is really, is that once the peach-juice was ready, I put a little spoonful of it into Dana’s mouth. She was so funny! She made faces while she’d been tasting it. I couldn’t say, she’d fallen in love with peach for the first time:) Well, I gave her maybe 3 little spoonfuls of the liquid and thought I would try again the next morning. However, just tonight, when Tareq arrived, he also had a couple of peaches and Dana just got stuck with them. She started to lick the peach and then all of a sudden she was already sucking it, just like a nipple. She was sooo cute! She definitely liked it. Hang on a minute, now I have a 3 and half year-old, who eats peach grated as babies do, and a 4 months old eating peach just as it is???

Of course I made a photo of Dana eating THE peach.

The first taste of peach

Eating peach just as it is


The world turns with baby Dana

Our little baby made a further step in babyhood. This monday, for the first time, she turned onto her stomach from her back. After she had her bath in the evening and had supper, I put her in her bed just as usual, around 7:30 pm. Ok, it doesn’t mean, she goes to sleep:), no she waits until Hana goes to bed as well, so they usually go together at around 9 pm. They listen to a bedtime story together in Hana’s bed and unless Dana is very-very tired, they enjoy this a lot. For a couple of nights now, Hana always chooses “Goldilocks and the three bears” – she would read it aloud alone to Dana as well.

So, I was preparing dinner and heard funny noises from the bedroom, she wasn’t crying, it was rather moaning and groaning and it made me curious what she was up to. I was quite surprised to find, that she was on her stomach, and she was struggling to get her arm free. She was so cute. In two day’s time, she was already be able to release her arm and this morning, she turned back from her stomach to her back as. Now she has one more tool to entertain herself and I am glad that she uses it:)

This photo was taken yesterday, when Dana took a turn and Hana lied down beside her.

The big love

The big love

See, how cheeky she is?

Oh, yes, it is definitely in her eyes

Oh, yes, it is definitely in her eyes